This Is Why Predators Don't Touch Cheetah Cubs

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  • Omg

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  • They’re so cute

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  • Not evolution. intelligent design.

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  • Honey badgers got that black Air Force energy

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  • Drinking Game: Every time he says Honey Badger you have to drink

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  • Did I hear “ the lions can’t on a cheetah, it will simply run away from them”?😳

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  • Halloween eat bigger animals then honey badgers eat

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  • What a load of evolution garbage!

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  • Well, honey badgers wake up and choose violence

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  • i thought i was goin learn some about cheetah cubs but instead i learned how nobody fucks w honey badgers

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  • Your so funny

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  • Only Chinese chef can stop them.

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  • There is no way a Honey badger can beat a wolverine. They are the exact same animal except the wolverine is bigger and stronger. Hell they kill rane deers, even take on cougars, pack wolves and bears.

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  • Honey badgers would be invincible if they were bigger

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  • the spinner part of the lion got me haahh

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  • Calling a Kudu an antelope... I mean it is a type of antelope but, come on.

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  • Most predators don't interact with each other very often - unless there is a large size difference / groups. Hyenas, lions and leopards / cheetah will hunt them - when regular prey is scarce. Hyenas can break bones with their jaw, honey badgers can still be injured by them if they get a hold of one.

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  • experts say this guy knows more about animals than national geographic

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  • If the Saber toothed tiger some how dint get extinct they could have killed honeybadgers easily kill them because they had very long teeth and they are sharp too and not even a singe living being can survive the Saber tooth tiger after it bites its prey the person's blood won't stop flowing out because the person's arteries have been torn by the big teeths

  • I punched a fucking Honey badgers because he tried to take my 1 yr old sis away he tried bite her and I caught it by neck and punched it

  • I call bullshit on easily beating the wolverine. Wolverine attacks the badger til it gets tired then gives up

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  • This is why they made them so OP in Farcry. I thought it was a joke that an animal so small was so tough.

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  • I can hear an alarm noise In your video n it’s ruining the whole thing. Every three seconds jingle jingle jingle

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  • it DOES NOT look like a honey badger!!!!! STOP IT🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

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  • The lions targeting cheetah cubs is the same reason why the news tells white people not to reproduce.

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  • Love your channel! OM|G their skin is sooooo strong! its like spiders web

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  • Ha this is funny but it's nonsense a lion and a wolverine can kill a honey badger . Love the camouflaged cubs though. that right there's gangster

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  • 0:56 this is not understanding Evolution. The cheetahs don't "know" this or "learn" this. It's random chance that produces a slight color difference and the advantages are passed on to their kids, with time making the difference more and more like badgers. The animals are %100 not planning, learning or knowing anything... they just survive.

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  • what if.. the parents confused honey badgers as their young? really for pop corn..

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  • Honey badgers r the mafia of the animal kingdom

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  • Imagine a cheetah and honey badger hybrid, toughest animal alive

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  • This animal is really overpowered He is the doomguy of the animal kingdom

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  • I like this guys always funny

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  • Fantastic humour good video 😆

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  • The honey badger-- "Impressive, you made me use 5% of my power"

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  • Imagine if a Jaguar and a cheetah breed

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  • I'm learning stuff and I'm laughing like crazy.

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  • This guy is hilarious. Esp. This episode.lmao

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  • I have seen Cheetah Cubs killed , by other Predators. It doesn't always work.

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  • Easily beat a Wolverine?

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  • Cute, but the Honey Badger misinformation is getting ridiculous. All of the major predators in Africa can kill an Honey Badger and it can kill none of them without a lot of luck. The whole genital thing requires two things: The predator is male, or is such a novice at fighting to allow a bite to their genitals. The predators don't have to penetrate the Home badgers skins they can literally crush their entire bodies in their mouth. Big cats can kill them with blows from their paws. The Honey Badgers have no killing bite. A wolverine will kill them easily as it is everything a Honey Badger is but 5-10 times stronger and has tough, loose skin that a Honey badger is not likely to penetrate sufficiently. The Honey Badger, gets away with its aggression against superior predators because it is not good eating and may deliver a nasty wound which could hurt the superior predator's hunting/territorial capability.

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  • What an incredible species!

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  • title is wrong. i've seen videos of lions intentionally looking for and finding the cheetah den and systematically killing each cub. The narrator said that this is a common lion thing, to rid the area of predator competition when they can.

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  • Honey Badger don’t give a shit.

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  • I love that loading brain😂😂😂

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  • I once ran over a honeybadger. I stopped and it was gone. I doubt that it survived though.

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  • They look like they're in the Bear family, is this right?

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  • Honey badger - Sometimes I think I m god and immortal.. 🤣🤣

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  • An American eagle flying over the African safari? 🤔🤔🤔

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  • Honey badgers are basically psychopaths.

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  • Title: This is why predators don't touch cheetah cubs. Actual Video: Half about how unstoppable Honey Badgers almost are.

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  • honey badgers are the literal embodiment of i do not give a fuck

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  • Fantastic ,I couldn't stop chuckling . 👍

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  • Honey badger has the god mode cheat code but has one weakness crocodile.

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  • Really amazing. You'd think evolution could think. How could it evolve to look like a honey badger? I'm guessing there was a mutation that caused the coloration and that family survived more than the other cheetahs but still seems to be missing another factor or two.

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  • Who else knows this cheetah cub= honey badger fact from Wild Kratts 😂

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  • Really hate your intro who wants to hear you sip video cool your intro sucks

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  • The first one was an alpaca, but after the donkey were llamas...

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  • This man teaches me more than school

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  • Did someone realize, the honey badgers are giving an evolutionary fight to all other animals here? They destroys the testis of the animal who attacks them.That means a lion who may be not afraid of honey badgers pick a fight with them, loose testis and never can breed.That means there will be only honey badger-afraid lions in the next generation😂.

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  • honey badger will always be king. but cheetah cubs so cute. haihh

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  • Honey Badgers always take home the W in a fight!

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  • Everyone at every episode saying Steve! It can't escape from Herobrine!!!!!!

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  • Honey badgers are the real life optional boss fight that everyone skips and talk about later

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed this video. It wasn't just informative, the narrator added a lot of humour as well which was funny. Great video, thank you so much

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  • Those honeybags are dangerous mfs

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  • …. Cheetah cubs still look nothing like honey badgers. Lol. Badgers need glasses, huh?

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  • Funny speech..😁😁😁

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  • Call Hufflepuffs weak again. I dare you.

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  • Honey Badger....... Now I am interested about what will happen if a honey Badger meet Tasmanian Devil

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  • Oh! I know a bit about the deer and their antlers! Sometimes deer will be so hormonally affected that they'll try to fight nearby trees and bushes, so yes it is a sort of display to the girls, but also they're just a little stupid at the moment!

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  • I welcome our Honey Badger overlords.

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  • As the owner of a Bengal cat that has cheetah like patterns, while its easy to spot in a living room, its really hard to find when its outside in grass or wooded area. Even with a leash attached to it.

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  • Honey badger armor in a the walking dead verse would be OP

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  • I wonder why it is called hony dadger, it could have been called indestructible badger due to such amazing qualities......

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  • Talks about alpacas but shows llamas

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  • There are some snakes and bugs that disguese thenselves as other animals too. Like the caterpillars and the false coral

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  • How about the bite from a Jaguar?

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  • did a cheetah just step on that cub? 🤣 2:45

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  • ALso- heres a story :> Mom: Gives birth Dad: runs outside "Thats it! i can run away!" If you dont get it, the dad cheetah leaves after the children are born (I think)

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  • Chegerolf.

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  • "Well.. they're most important body part" Just like how i say "OOF" for uh.. i cant say, child friendly. xD

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  • That antelope is an oryx which is the only animal that can go without water longer than a camel!

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  • Honey badgers against all predators in Africa Caracal easy jackal cake wild dogs I need 300 to take me down leopard sneakers but is nothing against me hyenas wait they have bone crushing bites I don’t care rawww lions this a joke

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    • Crocdille enters chat… honey badger left the server

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  • Now honey badgers is my favorite animal

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  • 🤣. Gtfoh

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  • baby cheetas is a master of disguise: sneak +100 edit: it be funny if sheep evolved with green wool to make it look like a bush

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  • Will you stop that fucking coffee slurp? Seriously your show is great but the slurp is annoying and I sometimes skip them because I don't want to hear that slurp.

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  • Honey badgers listen to young boy and wear black air forces

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  • Honey badgers don’t give a crap about *ANYTHING.*

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  • Most people use Llamas as guard animals since they have a more protective instinct and are bigger than alpacas. (Alpacas are half the size and weight and they are more skittish) Alpacas can be protective and stomp, but Llamas are overall the better defenders of the herd. A good way to tell the difference between a Llama and an Alpaca is that Llamas are bigger and have ears that curve in while Alpacas are shorter and have straight ears. (Also Alpacas typically have long hair on their heads while Llamas have short hair) There are also differences in fleece quality, and weight. They both come from the Camelidae family and while they do spit, in my experience with them, they do it out of defence or to get another Alpaca away from their food. (The spit is gross but harmless)

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